Working Groups

CBLIP Working Groups are action-oriented teams made of members of the CBLIP Council, IAT and other community partners who have specific interest and expertise in implementing the actions of the CBLIP Strategic Plan. Current Working Groups are described below. If you are interested in getting involved in a working group, please get in touch!

Language Working Group

The Language Working Group is comprised of individuals working in fields related to learning and literacy, with specific interest in those occasions where English or French may be an additional language for newcomers. The group is focused on collaboration and comes together to share updates and best practices from within Cape Breton and beyond. The group also works together to identify and carry out projects of shared interest, such as the coordination of newcomer conversation circles at the McConnell Library in Sydney.

Improving Coordination Working Group

The Improving Coordination Working Group explores how newcomer-serving organizations in Cape Breton can better work together. They seek out potential areas for collaboration, resource-sharing, and improved communication, with a goal to foster an Island-wide “no wrong door” approach for newcomer services. This group explores capacity-building opportunities for CBLIP Council member organizations, develops resources like the CBLIP Service Map, and develops tools and events to help facilitate information-sharing between organizations.

Raising Awareness Working Group

The Raising Awareness Working Group is tasked with raising public awareness around the needs of newcomers and the benefits of immigration in Cape Breton. Members consider the messages and communication tools that can best support short- and long-term awareness-raising among the general public on the Island. They have developed tools like the Cape Breton Immigration Glossary and Facts Booklet and support the sharing of newcomer stories.

Welcoming Communities Working Group

The Welcoming Communities Working Group explores strategies for fostering more welcoming and inclusive communities for newcomers. They developed a multi-language welcome poster with Cape Breton-themed graphics and distributed to locations across the Island, as well as installing a wall-sized version at the JA Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport. This working group was instrumental in the development of the Cape Breton Welcome Network and continues to play an ongoing support role in that important community initiative.