Newcomer Conversations: A Check-In During COVID-19

In an effort to better understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on newcomers to Canada living in Cape Breton, the Cape Breton Local Immigration Partnership (CBLIP) is hosting an interactive, online session: Newcomer Conversations – A Check-In During COVID-19 on May 15.

During this session, foreign-born residents of Cape Breton will have the opportunity to share their experiences during COVID-19, and what supports could be implemented to help. The event will begin in a large group format and then switch to small group conversations of 6 to 8 people hosted by members of the CBLIP Immigrant Advisory Table – who are themselves newcomers to Cape Breton. The groups will discuss questions like “What challenges are we facing?” and “What supports could make this easier?”.

It would be helpful (though not required) for participants to have a second device available in order to participate in online polling during the event.

The information gathered will be compiled into a report by the CBLIP and shared with relevant organizations and decision-makers in an effort to better support newcomers during and after this pandemic.

Please note that this event will be recorded for reporting purposes, but will not be made publicly available. Participant input will be anonymous in the final report, which will be available online later this month.

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